Monday, April 20, 2009

Miss California Believes in One Man, One Woman

Miss California speaks out against gay marriage at the Miss USA pageant this evening... and gets booed? (Editor's note: I thought it was just me, but I actually don't hear any booing in this clip -- I'm watching HOUSE at the same time -- am I missing something to this story that will probably run rampant across the blogosphere by AM.)

Bitch, the question was from Perez Hilton. You should know better.

Yahoo! has the full story. Apparently, she went on to win first runner-up.

Thanks to Montgomery.

And, of course, the Lavender Newswire says it best: "What a B-word. Get the hell out of MY state, Little Miss Homophobette, and take your bigotry back to your planet, wherever that may be." Snap when you say that, lady :-).


Anonymous said...

Well, this is Obama's position too. Why is he given a pass when it comes to the H-word?

Lauren said...

Is it just me or are her teeth CRAZY?

Just my 2 cents. btw...SAME SEX MARRIAGE FTW

Montgomery Maxton said...

I think they cheered. Probably California folks.