Wednesday, April 29, 2009

OUTRAGE Movie Trailer

Outrage, the movie that promises to piss off a lot of politicos, and cause a huge ethical dilemma with most of us who are unsure about the process of outing, has released their trailer on YouTube.

I feel like this is something I'm going to have to see, regardless of how I feel about it. I'm still kinda working out how I feel about the whole thing in my head.

Apparently, the movie even pissed off Jim McGreevey, former NJ Governor and now-out gay man, so much that he stormed out of it at the Tribeca Film Festival, but it was more about the use of his ex-wife, it seems, than anything else.

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cincycub said...

I am *absolutely* looking forward to seeing this. Look, I'm supportive of the process we all go through. And we have our own timelines for coming out. I do not support willy-nilly "outing" of people.

But if you are actively working to discriminate against other people, you need to be called out for it. If you have chosen a position as a public figure, you need to be held accountable.