Friday, April 24, 2009

Marriage Round-Up!

From across the US:
  • California: The Governor's race is heating up between the two potential Democratic candidates over same-sex relationships. On the one side, we have Gavin Newsom who, as mayor of SF, allowed same-sex couples to start marrying in the city in 2004. Now, he wants to take on the census and demand that married couples be counted (SSM is not recognized on a federal level). Meanwhile, an emergency bill by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, his expected challenger in a primary, passed in Washington to stop the deportation of a Phillipino lesbian living in the US. Both her partner and her two children are US citizens.
  • Connecticut: This is anti-climactic, but the bill legalizing equal marriage in Connecticut sailed through the House and Senate and was signed by Gov. Jodi Rell. It also turns existing civil unions into marriages... effectively ending civil unions? Why does that make me feel weird?
  • DC: The city council has approved acknowledging out of state relationships for same-sex couples, and word on the street is that there may be an equal marriage bill in the nation's capital next year. The local pastors are angry -- "History will ask, where were the pastors?" -- no, I think history will ask, why did the pastors bother at all?
  • Maine: Lots of people attended the Judiciary Committee's hearing on the same-sex marriage bill, something like 4000 of them. But we kinda knew that was going to happen. Other bloggers have already posted some of the testimonies appearing on YouTube, so I'll just move on.
  • New Hampshire: The Senate Judiciary Committee has recommended (3-2) that the marriage bill passed by the Assembly not be brought to the floor of the Senate for a vote, effectively killing it. I think, for now, the chance in NH is dead.
  • New Jersey: A new poll from Quinnipiac shows NJ voters pro-marriage at a rate of 49-43 (I guess we're assuming an 8% undecided rate). Still, that's pretty good.
  • Utah: From one of the more unexpected supporters of LGBT rights in the mountain west, Republican Gov. Jon Huntsman is openly asking whether that state's constitutional DOMA covers civil unions... and saying that maybe the courts will have to decide that.

I have been very, very busy the last few days so I just wanted to throw these bits out there for you to NOM on. Kisses!

Oh, and can I just say that I am over, over, over the Miss USA contestants? Don't care, don't care, don't care. This is my impression of homosexuals over the situation (including myself): "ZOMG! She's from California! She's been asked a question by a gay man! ZOMG! How dare she say what she think!" Meanwhile, all of us suddenly realize that there are lots of people that we assume are our friends really aren't.... like ignorant beauty queens.

And, by ignorant, I'm not talking the type that "she just needs exposure," because god knows she's exposed. I'm talking the type that she's just plain close-minded.

Regardless, over her.

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