Friday, March 7, 2008

ADVENTURES OF: The Jewish Troll

I'm going to be taking pictures of the snow as it comes down on top of my THE TROLL, which is happily (probably not) letting the snow fall down upon it. I'll be updating you hourly with what she looks like!!! (And, yes, she's missing a shoe. I am a cruel, cruel bitch. She pissed me off. And now she will be cold. LOL)



1020am (She fell over, and, because we're all for fair journalism here that shows what the world is REALLY like here on the ground... I left her there. I am a cruel bitch.):



0120pm (where did she go???):

I think I'm going to turn on a movie. It's coming down as mostly ice now. :-) I'll be back, I promise.


0350a (the next morning, on my way to work)

0620p (36 hours later)

And, it's done. Easy come, easy go.

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