Friday, March 14, 2008

BLOGGING: New Cincy Blogs?

So I finally started exploring Technorati today ... I've been at work since 10pm last night and my brain is about fried. (Let's go drinking tomorrow -- anyone going to be out and where???)

There are a lot of regularly updated Cincinnati blogs.

I'll be posting them in the next few days. I think it's time we started supporting all of them ... not just the big ones :-) (and, mainly, because I want more linkages into the blogosphere!!!! -- link via Neatorama)


Anonymous said...

Why on earth would you list Nate Livingston's blog? He has never been anything but openly hostile toward LGBTs. Don't enable his hate and dignify his existence by listing his blog.

Barry Floore said...

Yea I wondered why he was deleting my comments.