Tuesday, March 4, 2008

ELECTION 2008: 5 minutes until polls open

Polls open here in Ohio at 630am... in five minutes. I get to vote in 5 minutes... finally (don't worry, the troll is packed and ready to go).

Hillary's been saying she was optimistic about today. Let's look at this morning's polls:


3-3 Zogby
Clinton 44; Obama 44; Und 8

3-3 Survey USA
Clinton 54; Obama 44; Und 1
Clinton +10

3-3 ARG
Clinton 56; Obama 44; Und 1
Clinton +14


3-3 Zogby
Clinton 47; Obama 44; Und 7
Clinton +3

3-3 ARG
Clinton 50; Obama 47; Und 2
Clinton +3

3-2 Public Policy Polling
Clinton 50; Obama 44; Und 6
Clinton +6

3-2 "Other Source"
Clinton 46; Obama 46; Und 6

3-2 Insider Advantage
Clinton 49; Obama 45; Und 7
Clinton +4

3-2 Zogby
Clinton 44; Obama 47; Und 6
Obama +3


That's right folks. Of ten polls in Texas since March began, 4 showed Obama ahead (never above 5 points), 2 ties, and 4 showed Clinton ahead (only one over 5 point lead). Of nine polls in Ohio, only one showed Obama ahead (by 2 points), there was only one tie (by Zogby, listed above), and 7 showed Clinton ahead (ranging from 1 to 16 point lead). It's almost bed time, I feel like I will wake up and know a lot more. Vermont will almost certainly go to Obama (he had a 24 point lead last we checked in), and Rhode Island will almost certainly go to Clinton (she had a 15 point lead last we checked in). But it is raining here, and it is snowing in Texas, so we'll see.

Eep -- They just announced that the polling locations have opened. Will be back shortly!!!

PS --> Of course, the support of our hugely popular governor and his wife this week has been really helpful for Clinton.

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