Sunday, March 9, 2008

ELECTION 2008: By my calculations...

The popular vote, at this point, for the Democratic nomination..

Barack Obama -- 13,912,994

Hillary Clinton -- 13,913,010

Two things:

1) Hillary's still ahead. (Remember, Barack is pushing for the superdelegates to vote the vote of the people.)

2) She's ahead by 16 votes. One of those votes is mine.

Very very unusual. This is official a dead tie.

Update-->Vinyl Polis checked my numbers of the CNN count -- and, I quote "popular vote ONLY, no caucuses, excluding MI but not Florida... Obama leads Clinton by about 81700 votes, which is fucking close (out of a total of 25.6 MILLION---so roughly 3 percent of the total votes are what separates these two idiots)." And, of course, he adds that not all states are 100% reported yet.

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