Tuesday, March 4, 2008

ELECTION 2008: Bill Richardson chooses a side

MSNBC is really beginning to annoy me.

Clinton Hints She'll Stay in the Race

Thanks, MSNBC... you mean she's not going to throw out the millions of dollars she's already spent to be in a dead heat with Obama... a dead heat, I might remind you means that they are tied. Obama may be the super-kid at the moment, but stop calling her campaign dead, for the love of god.

But here's the little bit in the article that interests me: Bill Richardson is asking her, if Obama sweeps, to pull out... without endorsing either side.

This means that: Richardson is a Clinton supporter (although I think this would hamper his ability to be considered as VP), but acknowledges the reality of situation and is afraid to back her right now when it seems like Obama will win the nomination.

Which is why I wanted him as president originally. Let's remember why...

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