Sunday, March 9, 2008

OHIO/CINNKY: Hell yea Price Hill!!!

I don't know if you've picked up on it at all, but I'm a Price Hill resident -- East Price Hill to be exact.

As a commentary, I'd like to point out the interesting distinction growing in the PH: Lower Price Hill versus East Price Hill (including the sub-neighborhood of the "Incline District"). See, "LPH" is bad and dark and scary -- i.e., it's filled with Mexican immigrants, people from Appalachia, and prostitutes. "EPH," meanwhile, is setting itself up as the new, cool, hip neighborhood in town -- with the Incline District as its central motivator. I have always said Price Hill is the next to develop, as it's the only hill in town that you can buy an overlook of downtown for under $100,000 (my friend bought a condo with a porch off his master bedroom overlooking downtown for a measly $66,000 -- not joking). I was very excited when Sibcy-Cline once put up a sign in out neighborhood that said "Priceless views. Priced Less. Price Hill." Honestly, is there another part of the city that you can see all of the city from that doesn't cost $500,000+? Nope!

On the bright side, it's better than my neighbor's joke -- that we live in "North Villa Hills" (a somewhat affluent Kentucky neighborhood that's immediately south of us across the river).

Imagine my glee when CINCINNATI REVISITED (a new blog on the left side of your screen -- a Cincy history blog; mom, read it, you'll like it) directed me to the link about a brand new spanking $50m development in EPH.

City Lights Development is planning on turning Queen City Towers into a new hot spot, including a newly revamped neighborhood around it, that includes a night club (whoohoo!), a gourmet pizza parlor (what?), a steakhouse, and a new park. The image is kinda crappy, but it's right there in the middle.

IE: along with Kroger's plan for new building, right next to the old one (which, btw, was built right next to the old one that became a Family Dollar -- pictures to come), things may be looking better. (HA! Although, having four Kroger's -- near Walmart, on Glenway, at Race Street, and in PH -- may be a little egregious.)

Invest now, wait out the housing crisis, and then hope the value of my house goes through the roof.

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