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POLITICS: Seven Deadly Sins

First caught this on the CNN homepage, then found it again on FOX, then saw it on Neatorama, and then on ABC News... so! I thought I might finally post it.

The Vatican, in all his wonderfulness, has released a list of the NEW Seven Deadly sins in addition to the original, which were written out by Dante -- lust, sloth, gluttony, greed, wrath, envy and pride.

The new ones are (although I'm getting some differences on some of these from different sources):

1) Genetic Modification (AHN), Genetic Manipulation (CNN), Genetic Engineering (ABC & FOX)
2) Human Experimentation (AHN), "Morally Dubious" experiments such as stem cell research (Neatorama)
3) Polluting the Environment (AHN & FOX & CNN & Neatorama)
4) Social Injustice (AHN), Causing Social Injustice (FOX), Contributing to the Widening divide between rich and poor (Neatorama)
5) Causing Poverty (AHN & Neatorama), Inequality of Wealth (ABC),
6) Financial Gluttony (AHN), Inequality of Wealth (ABC), Being Obscenely Rich (FOX), Excessive Wealth (Neatorama)
7) Taking Drugs (AHN), Drug Abuse (ABC & Neatorama), Drug Dealing (FOX)
( 8) Abortion (FOX))
( 9) Pedophilia (FOX))
( 10) Bioethical violations such as birth control (Neatorama))

HA! Read the ABC article linked above and the slight about Eliot Spitzer.

And, no, really. FOX lists two more that no one else does, and skips over human experimentation and causing poverty. And Neatorama adds one more.

In fact, the only thing that every source agrees on.. polluting is bad. So I do what I always do... go to the source.

The Official Website for the Catholic Church
Which, ironically, has nothing about it.

How about...

The Holy See -- After all, it is their paper, L'Osservatore Romano, that everyone was talking about.
Also, ironically, nothing on that, either.

In fact, it took the Associated Press article to shed light. It will be listed in the upcoming L'Osservatore Romano, and the one available currently is last weeks.

This is the entire AP article, and what every other story is based off of:


A Vatican official has listed drugs, pollution, genetic manipulation and social and economic injustices as new areas of sinful behavior.

Sins increasingly manifest themselves as behavior that damages society as a whole, Monsignor Gianfranco Girotti said in an interview published Sunday by the Vatican's daily newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano.

"While sin used to concern mostly the individual, today it has mainly a social resonance, due to the phenomenon of globalization," said Girotti, who heads the Apostolic Penitentiary, a Vatican body that issues decisions on matters of conscience and grants absolutions.

Catholic teaching distinguishes between lesser venial sins and mortal sins.

Listing the new areas of sinful behavior, Girotti denounced "certain violations of the fundamental rights of human nature through experiments, genetic manipulations."

He also mentioned drugs — which "weaken the mind and obscure intelligence" — pollution, and the widening social and economic differences between the rich and the poor.

Girotti said the Catholic Church continued to be concerned by other sinful acts, including abortion and pedophilia.

He said Church authorities had reacted with "rigorous measures" to child abuse scandals within the clergy, but he also claimed that the issue had been excessively emphasized by the media.


I'll update you as soon as the actual stuff comes out

UPDATE: Why is this under politics? Because they all have extremely political implications. And why do they all seem to be directed at the US, specifically?

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