Sunday, March 9, 2008

OHIO/CINNKY: America's Favorite Cities

Having put that as the category, you'll notice that Ohio and Cincinnati fall no where on this map.

However, my hometown (Charleston) does appear on it. You know, every year, residents of Charleston would hear that we were rated the friendliest city in the country. Well, here are the 2007 results that again turn over the honor from Travel and Leisure Magazine (and the opportunity for you to vote for the 2008 results).

Anyways, I'm not really worried about it, but here are some highlights:

Best Overall Cityscape: Portland (1), Seattle (2)
Worst Overall Cityscape: Dallas-Fort Worth (24), Los Angeles (25)

Most Attractive People: Miami (1), San Diego (2), Charleston (3)
Least Attractive People: Dallas-Fort Worth (23), Washington DC (24), Philadelphia (25)

Most Fun People: New Orleans (1), Austin (2 -- yes, Texas), Honolulu (3)
Least Fun People: Phoenix-Scottsdale (23 -- btw, Scottsdale is where they get a LOT of reality show contestants, not kidding, go check out the cast list for some of these... that name just pops up a lot), Dallas Fort-Worth (24), Washington DC (25)

Best Overall Nightlife: New Orleans (1), Las Vegas (2), New York (3)
Worst Overall Nightlife: Phoenix-Scottsdale (23), Dallas-Fort Worth (24), Santa Fe (25)

Hrm, I'm looking and Phoenix and DFW seem to appear low on a lot of lists. In fact, Phoenix's highest rating is #6 in the Most Relaxing Retreat Category, but ranks in the bottom five in 35 of the categories. DFW's highest is #4 for Best Barbeque, but ranks in the bottom five in 44 of the categories.

Meanwhile, Charleston is number one in Friendliest, and only ranks in the bottom five in five categories (Clubbing -- 24, Gay-friendliness -- 21, Diverse - 20, Sport's Fan Vacation -- 24, Wild Weekend -- 21).

PS I also wrote in that Cincinnati should be included next year... I mean, something more than just Minneapolis-St. Paul in this area (like Atlanta, Chicago I think is "outside the region" as it's an international city with a midwestern flair). Columbus? Indy? Ann Arbor? St. Louis? Something? Ha. Well, at least I'm not in the great Western blah that's on the map -- Salt Lake City?

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