Sunday, March 2, 2008

GENERAL STUFF: For Vinyl Polis.

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Is that about a penuguin?

They are sheltering their young from the cold. Remember in Happy Feet that really unusual scene where the penguins were walking around in a circle and then the egg slips out? You know, the one where you thought, "Did I smoke something and come into a children's movie?" It's called "creching."

I'm not sure if this is blasphemy to you or not...

But I sure hope the parents know he's gay.

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Anonymous said...

Is Paula Abdul a penguin? She's fucking creepy as hell.

Not blasphemy, although my first reaction was exactly the same as Randy's: where's the first verse?? I think what makes Lennon's version so powerful is that it's so skeletal; I can smell him sitting on a street corner sketching out this poetry because it's all that makes sense anymore to him. That, and the song is a proclamation. It's really unclear what this kid heard in Lennon when he sings it here--the song is too sugary, and accents phrases in strange places (as opposed to Lennon's careful retreats before the refrains). Saying that, it's pretty much how I imagine Elton singing it...