Monday, April 6, 2009

Cleaning Up a Little Bit

A few quick housekeeping notes:
  1. Gotten a lot of feedback that I'm not linking to original articles -- I am, actually, but I think the color of links blended in a little too much, so I've changed that color. This is a temporary fix. I'm trying to find a whole new schema that will alleviate this problem.
  2. In response to the HRC vs. CGQB post, I'll say this: I apologize that it came off as it did. Let me simplify what I believe I was meaning to say: the timing was not right for the HRC event, especially with a similar stated purpose. The HRC has reached out to the organizers of Queer Bar, which I'm glad about and curious to know the outcome of that meeting. I'm also proud of the HRC for utilizing social media to improve its outreach. The reason for the post was to prod a little bit and make sure the issue is addressed so that there isn't any perception of competition and all events can occur with equal opportunity. Just a little nudge. If it came off otherwise -- and it appears that it did -- I am truly sorry. 
  3. Update: And I'm trying to find rhyme/reason to commenting. My most popular/read posts don't get commented on, but little ones get lots. Very confusing to me.
I think that's about it :-). Hope that helps!

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