Friday, April 3, 2009

Delayed Deportation

Shirley Tan, a mother of two children who were born in the US, is facing deportation back to the Phillipines because the federal government does not recognize her relationship with her lesbian partner.

From the Silicon Valley Mercury News:
A native of the Philippines and the mother of twin boys born in the Bay Area who had been threatened with deportation today has won a temporary stay to remain in the United States and appeal her case.

Shirley Tan, whose partner of more than two decades is a U.S. citizen, had her deportation delayed by the Department of Homeland Security until April 22. The stay gives Tan more time to make the case that she should be able to remain in the country legally. Tan and her partner, Jay Mercado, have been expecting to move to the Philippines with their sons if Tan was forced to leave the U.S.

The stay — obtained with the help of Rep. Jackie Speier, D-San Mateo, and Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif. — "gives them hope," said Melanie Nathan, a Marin County mediator working with the couple.
That's right, kids, let's kick out those freeloading lesbians and their children. I call that "sound domestic policy."

I ask again, especially regarding DOMA and DADT: What's taking so long?

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