Thursday, April 2, 2009

Guerrilla Queer Bar TOMORROW (Friday): Sully's Downtown

Guerrilla Queer Bar returns!!!!!

Last month brought us two amazing events -- the takeover of the underutilized gay bar the Subway (attendance, 80-100 at a time, probably 150 by the time the night ended), and the takeover of the straight Lodge Bar (attendance of 100-150, probably 200 by the end of the night). From the minds of the maybe sometimes a little insane Ethan Philbrick & Co., tomorrow's event has been announced, and it's a great one!

From the Facebook posting (via their group):

SULLY'S! 700 Race Street (on the corner of Race and 7th)

I know some of you may be groaning...a little wary of venturing to a sports bar mecca of our city...but I beg you, leave your bias behind and get your cute butt to Sully's on Friday night because this shit is gonna be b.a.n.a.n.a.s.

Listen to these deals we've got going:

  1. Tell the people at the door you're with Guerrilla Queer Bar and you'll get in FREE.
  2. We will have the VIP room to gather in. Just ask someone to point you in the right direction. The VIP room opens at 9 and has it's own private bar. I've heard the bartender is a cutey.
  3. If you get there before 9, your first drink is free.
  4. If you say you're part of GQB, you'll get a wrist band that will get you 2 DOLLAR DRINKS between 9 and 11.
  5. The DJ starts spinning at 9.
  6. From 11-12, it's LADY'S NIGHT, and any "lady" will receive PENNY DRINKS. For serious. Pennies. We'll have to see how broadly they define "lady".
In honor of "lady's night" and Kate Bornstein's inspiring appearance during Xavier's Queer Week:

April's Guerrilla Queer Bar will be.... GENDER-FUCKed!

Break out of your gender box for even just one night! Whatever your comfort level--put on a mustache, get out your sequins, or add a little swagger to that walk! One rule-- have fun and don't be mean! Come in your get up, or put it on in the potty! Boys being girls can use "lady's night" to buy penny drinks for girls being boys! Throw those inhibitions out for a night and explore a new identity! Or--of course-- come as you are, everyone is always welcome!

Let's give Sully's a night to remember!

I've totally got to hand it to them -- this shit is going to be fun. I was planning to be in a show up at Shooter's that night (as Kristy), so me and Viv were going to slip down and join the party for a few drinks anyways in full drag. Makes my night like 100X easier!!!!

So, who's with us tomorrow kids?


More: CGQB will also be hosting a Same-Sex Kiss-in for the summer "opening" of Fountain Square on Saturday at 8p.m. For more information, check out their Facebook invite. And don't forget the CGQB blog.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting!

Anonymous said...

How can this be a take over when you have everyone in a VIP room?

Sorry - but weak!

Anonymous said...

shite, just read the post.

went to sully's when it first opened. server didn't ring up either the food or the beverages so really need to go back and actually pay this time.

How did you manage to make "kingoeta" the captcha? Eerie.

Jeff Elrod said...

well, anonymous deux, sully's is a different place from lodge. the "dance floor" is incredibly small, and the rest of the place isn't really conducive to more than small group minglings. and there was always a group of gqb'ers in the main area.