Saturday, April 11, 2009

Is the Log Cabin burning down?

It appears the Log Cabin Republicans, in a mirror of what's happening to the GOP on a national level, is having a bit of inner struggle. GayPatriot announced his involvement with, and Politico announced that, a faction of homo's, frustrated with the LCR, has split off and formed a new gay conservative group -- GOProud.

Creative name, actually. (Get it: GOP + Proud = GOProud.)

From GayPatriot:
Their [the Log Cabin Republican's] left-of-center positions on important issues have bothered me as LCR has continually sucked the teet of the Gay Leftist agenda. LCR’s silence and unwillingness to stand up and be vocal on true gay conservative issues (outing of Republican staffers, increasing threat of gays being selectively aborted, peril gays face by Islamic extremists) has been mind-boggling. And LCR’s continued obsession in trashing Republicans, yet letting Democrats get a pass on their gay-related hypocrisies, has been infruriating.
Oh girl, yes. Snap when you say that, bitch.

Although I have this to say: in a scientific world where we still don't have a concrete answer about why people are gay, is the "increasing threat of gays being selectively aborted" really a publicity priority? Hrm? Really?

Seriously. I suppose, even a gay conservative is still a nutjob conservative.

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