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One Penny's Worth - 04.07.09

I am so energized by this past weekend’s events! We started off the weekend at Shooters on Friday for a the first show in a fundraising weekend spearheaded by Roberta Bigg. The group was able to raise over $4,000 !!! Congratulations to all involved in making it a huge fundraising success!

Please join me in congratulation Adonis The Night Club for being voted the Best Dance Club in Cincinnati by the readers of City Beat Magazine!!!

Saturday we headed up to Columbus for the Annual Cheer Show at SomeWhere Else. It’s a huge event for them every year and I was lucky enough to get to be with Erica Evans, Maria Garrison (Miss Ohio Gay Pride 2008), Brent Fabian (Mr. Ohio Gay Pride 2009), Brianna Brooks (Miss SomeWhere Else 2009) and Hellin Bed (Miss Ohio America 2008-2009) – It was a great show and WOW do the moms and dads let loose once they get more than 5 feet away from their kids! LOL I hope I get to go back again next year – it was awesome - Thanks Lita!!!

Sunday was a day of rest – but of course, house duties called and we did a bit of work on the backyard (smile).

Monday (yesterday) I was lucky enough to be asked to give a lecture at Miami University on “the history, politics and ‘how-to’ of drag” as part of their diversity/awareness week. I was a touch nervous because the weather had turned sour, but it turned out to be a wonderful event. There were plenty of students, 4 professors and even a few people who aren’t students who just wanted to take an hour drive to hear me talk (smile). We were only supposed to be there for 45 minutes, but the questions were so good that we ended up talking for about an hour and a half with a nice little follow up afterward. It was really nice and I hope they ask me back next year (more smiling). Huge thanks to Kevin I, James and Laura for making the drive to Oxford to be there….you’re the best!

Thursday – April 9th – Big Deal Alert!!! I’ll be at Hotel Night Club for the Hard Candy Event…..DONT MISS THIS ONE!!! http://i150.photobucket.com/albums/s81/dqpenny/Posters/HardCandy.jpg

Absolut Vodka is PROUDLY sponsoring the event and Daniel Cole (look him up on facebook) has worked his butt off to make sure we have an awesome event. I’m headed down there after work with Monica St. James and Leah Halston (look them up on the ‘net, too) for the show of shows! If you haven’t been to one of Hotel’s Hard Candy Events – you should really make it down for this one (and besides – I promise you’ll laugh your ass off either with us or at us!)(wink).

Friday we’re back at Old street for one of the best shows of the month. It’s the Quasi and friends show – Second Friday of Every Month at Old Street Saloon in Monroe, OH – Quasi, Monica St. James and Lil Ole Me http://i150.photobucket.com/albums/s81/dqpenny/Posters/041009-Old-Street-Poster.jpg

Saturday – THE BITCH IS BACK!!!! I’ve been away from Adonis for two weeks and I can’t wait to get back in that cabaret room! You gays better come out in force!!! LOL I might even have an adult beverage to celebrate LOL We are being entertained by Miss Adonis 2008 – Leah Halston, The Bionic Woman herself – Quasi and our dear friend Mia Cordova – not to mention dancing all night long on the hottest dancefloor around! http://i150.photobucket.com/albums/s81/dqpenny/Posters/041109-Adonis-Poster.jpg

Sunday - of course - is our day of rest....I'll be on the couch

Adonis ShowGurls Schedule

Nina West**
Monica St. James
The Lady Jetta
Ethan West
Penny Tration *

Lawanda Jackson**
Leah Halston
Jareje Rashad
Penny Tration *

Hershae Chocolatae **
Adrianna Fuentes
Monica St. James *

Mya St. James **
Monica St. James
Mirage Love
Penny Tration *

* Your hostess for the evening
** Headliner

What's Next????

Madgesty - our 3rd annual tribute to Madonna - May 23rd http://i150.photobucket.com/albums/s81/dqpenny/Posters/madonna2009copy.jpg
Swim Meat - Swimsuit Costume Contest and Pool Opening Celebration - May 24th and25th http://i150.photobucket.com/albums/s81/dqpenny/Posters/040309-Adonis-Poster---Swim-Meat---.jpg
Luau and Pig Roast - Post-Pride Parade Party - June 14th - http://i150.photobucket.com/albums/s81/dqpenny/Posters/Adonis-Pride-Luau.jpg


At Adonis every Saturday Night - but what if you're bored and are looking for a little Penny Tration - LOOK NO FURTHER! My Compete calendar is on Myspace - if we're not already friends on MySpace or Facebook - Look me up! (smile)

April 9 - Hard Candy @ Hotel - Louisville, KY
April 24 - Penny Candy - Your All Request DJ at Below Zero
April 28 - Pyramid Club - Columbus, OH
May 2 - Miss Columbus Gay Pride - SomeWhere Else
May 8 - Old Street - Monroe, OH
May 22 - Aquarius Nightclub - Dayton, OH
May 29 - Penny Candy - Your All Request DJ at Below Zero
May 30 - Miss Cincinnati Gay Pride Pageant - Old Street
June 6 - Dayton Gay Pride Parade
June 14 - Cincinnati Gay Pride Parade
June 20 - Columbus Gay Pride Parade

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