Monday, April 6, 2009

BREAKING: Vermont Gov Vetoes Equal Marriage

From the Burlington Free Press:
[Gov. Jim] Douglas delivered his veto message back to the Senate on the same-sex marriage bill, saying the legislature does not provide any more rights to same-sex couples and that he believes civil unions are sufficient.

The governor’s veto came moments after the state Senate voted to concur with a House gay marriage bill that was passed last week.

The governor’s office had his veto message prepared when the bill was delivered by a Senate staff member.

In his message, Douglas says even if the bill were to become law, federal benefits would still be denied to same-sex couples in Vermont.

The House and Senate are expected to try to override the governor’s veto on Tuesday.

Read OnTopMag's coverage of the attempt to override the veto. If you want to help, visit Vermont Freedom to Marriage to find out how, especially Vermonter's!!!!!


Wolfie said...

They'll overide it. No worries

Unknown said...

One vote away, it seems.

Banner Printing said...

Well, at least they'll try to override it.
No need to worry so much.