Monday, April 6, 2009

"You Gotta Give Em Postage"

I reported on this a few weeks ago, but it has really taken off in the news!

Cincinnati native Daniel Drent, an Equality Cincinnati board member, started a group on Facebook to encourage the US Postal Service to issue a stamp in honor of Harvey Milk. You know, when I start stuff on Facebook, you're never quite sure where it's gonna go...

... I gotta give Dan credit on this one, it really took off. Check out stories on Towleroad (where the above pic comes from), and two pieces (story 1, story 2) from the SF Examiner. He had emailed me, said he was "excited that people are talking about it." 

Well done, Dan! So, join the Facebook group and email Dan ( if you can help organize in your area!

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rick said...

I've written to Dan twice at his AOL email address. No response. Is this a serious effort?