Saturday, April 11, 2009

Do you have a flag?

Thanks to JB for the link here. Out of Neptune, New Jersey, a question arises:
Should the display of flags symbolizing sexual orientation — such as the gay-rights rainbow flag — be allowed in "family neighborhoods"?
That's a question the Township Committee has been asked to tackle at an April 28 public meeting with the Shark River Hills Property Owners' Association.

The question is one of 23 that have been submitted to Mayor Michael Brantley and the committee by members of the association.

"Ref: Display of sexual orientation flags," the question begins. "More and more, we are noticing flags being displayed on (Shark River Hills) properties declaring the occupants' sexual orientation or proclivity — not just the multicolored "gay' striped flags, but also banners indicating fetishes and or other "lifestyle' choices.

"While this type of display may be acceptable in certain gay enclaves, there is simply no justification for it in a family oriented neighborhood like (Shark River Hills.) Your comments?"

Deputy Mayor Mary Beth Jahn said she could answer the question in two words: "First Amendment," she said.

I love that response.

For the record, there are many many many flags associated with the LGBT community, but the article does not specify which one that causes the most disturbance..

...the Rainbow?

...the US LGBT rainbow?

...the bisexual pride flag?

...the trans pride flag?

...the bear pride flag?

...the leather pride flag?

Am I missing any?

We of the queer persuasion love our flags, apparently. You know what that means, right? We are a country!! WHOOHOO!!!

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Jeffery said...

I didn't even know what more than half of those flags stood for. Someone must have a lot of time on their hands to go through a neighborhood, take pictures, and google said flag to find out if it meets the neighborhood watch's criteria.