Wednesday, April 8, 2009

IMPACTCincinnati at City Council with NAACP

I don't have anything official for you guys yet -- pictures, quotes, etc. -- but I have received several phone calls today that IMPACTCincinnati's presence at the City Council meeting, along with the NAACP and the African-American community, is the beginning of something beautiful.

Word on the street was that local fabulosity, Jill Benavides, more or less rocked out her speech to Council, and the collected community was hugely receptive to the dialogue they have proposed. Word is that even Smitherman was receptive to beginning the change that needs to happen between the LGBT and African-American communities, addressing each's concerns about the other (both racism in the LGBT community and homophobia/heterosexism in communities of color).

Honestly, I wasn't sure this morning, and I had received a lot of negative responses to IMPACT's proposal, from people I love and respect. I think, however, from everything I'm hearing, it was the right thing to do at the right time.

Word on the steret is that both the Cincinnati Beacon and CityBeat were there. Keep an eye out for their responses.

Update: This also got posted on both the Beacon and, an interview with Cameron and Jill:


Jere Keys said...

I've deliberately kept quiet throughout this whole debate... while I have strong feelings about all this, it just seems like there are a lot of people more interested in shouting than listening. Glad to see that something productive might be happening now.

Wolfie said...

Well if something happens from it great. But Impact did enable Smitherman and bowed to his demands. And after Finney and all the comments, threats and insults from him we'll just have to wait and see if this really was something productive or not.

I do need to say this though. Homophobia in the African American Community is about 100 times worse than racism in the gay community and I doubt that will change because someone made a speech today.

I still stand behind my position on this and I will until the change actually happens and I see the African American Community support us more vigorusly.

Anonymous said...

Blacks did not support repeal of Issue 12, backed Prop. 8 in Cali, Smitherman appoints an active and proud homophobe to his board, then issues a sneering threat when we question -- and yet we are expected to make the first move to heal this -- as if WE are the ones that did something???

There is such a thing as having PRIDE and not being played for a sucker. Yea, act Smitherman's tool and you might get a pat on the head for a day. But now that we (someo of us) have shown we can be abused, blame ourselves, and come with head bowed before the abuser.... this is not progress, nor is it self-respect. It is allowing yourself to be used and abused, plain as that.

Anonymous said...

Jill always gives good speeches. And then?

The Beacon was there? Since neither Jason nor Justin work what else would they have been doing in the middle of a weekday?

More shouting than listening? How about "More heat than light"?

SloMo Homo said...

I agree with Anonymous ... why is it that Cincy fags are so weak and pathetic?

This wouldn't happen in other cities. I'm not just talking NYC and LA, they wouldn't put up with this shit in Columbus or Indy, either.

Wolfie said...

Actually I have the Cini Beacon Video interveiw with Jill and Cam up at

Lame at best

Oh and to answer "This wouldn't happen in other cities. I'm not just talking NYC and LA, they wouldn't put up with this shit in Columbus or Indy, either."

You are right. And thats exactly why Cincinnati is probably never going to get anywhere with its LGBT Community. No backbon or spine. All nuce and sugar coated.

I've about given up on Cincy. It really deserves what it gets now IMO.

Anonymous said...

Jere deliberately kept quiet. Spare me. Nothing like waiting to see how the wind is gonna blow -- then sorta taking stock after it has blown.

And Wolfie -- enough with the Cincinnati bashing. The "Cincinnati GLBT community" is not some monolith. It is a bunch of individuals. Plenty over here disagreed with Impact's step-n-fetch routine.

Jere Keys said...

Oh fuck off, Anonymous. Are you this much of an asshole to everyone, or do you seek Wolf and me out? A month ago, you were critical of me expressing an opinion. Now you're critical because I didn't express an opinion. A month ago, you wanted Wolf and I to shut up and support what a group of unelected volunteers were doing, now you're mad at Wolf for assuming that many LGBT people are unquestioningly following a group of unelected volunteers. Clearly, you're more concerned with being a bitch than having a constructive conversation of any kind, so fuck off.

Anonymous said...

"... it just seems like there are a lot of people more interested in shouting than listening."

So much for that.

Anger issues?

Wolfie said...


Thats really my point.

Its not some monolith. What I am saying its barely a community.

And until it starts to come together and stand up in a stronger manner with stronger leaders it never will be.