Wednesday, April 8, 2009

UC GAY STUFF: Follow UC's Queer Center on Twitter!

Shameless plug of the day!

The UC LGBTQ Center now has its own Twitter thanks to me, Jack Theurling and my friend Mary Beth!

Stalk the crap outta us!!!


Mary Beth:

And on a side note: The UC Rally for a Full-Time Staff Person was a decent success. Considering it was as-cold-as-a-corpse's-balls outside we had a good turnout! And front page in the NewsRecord (I'm on the front page again... geeeezus!) but without an article (just a big-ass photo of JAC Stringer and a small blurb... And most of the focus was on JAC's p!nk hair...)

Later lovelies!!!

The Seeker

Barry's note: Sorry, Cody, wanted to throw this out there! Make sure you check out the media round up at Stuff Queer People Need to Know for a lot of great follow up to yesterday's UC Rally!

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