Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Thanks to @Dr_Jared (and his blog) for the suggestion of Mr. Mackenroth -- he's my newest cohort in these WWW's.

This is kind of a big deal -- not only the first openly gay Wearing What Wednesday boy, it's also the first HIV+ (admitted) one, as well. Guys/gals ... did you know Mr. Mackenroth (of Project Runway) did a naked photo shoot? Now you do :-).

Yea Towleroad!

And because I've had some complaints about viewing this site at work, the following are NSFW: Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, Photo 4 -- originally posted on the site SORRY!

Enjoy ladies!


Jere Keys said...

How is that last photo (with the twig and berries clearly visible) safe for work while two ass shots have to be links?

Barry Floore said...

Because I didn't see that part of the picture, actually. LOL Imagine that. I DIDN'T see a dick shot. I'm changing it now.

Jere Keys said...

You're clearly suffering from overexposure if you've become able to accidentally overlook a stud's man parts in this way. I recommend 30% less porn and 70% less actual dick viewing for 3 weeks.

Wolfie said...

Well we know he's circumsized.

J. Clarence said...

Jack Mackenroth is disgustingly beautiful. Through going through the photos I think I've found the new wallpaper for my iPhone

Jared said... so glad we got to find this man! :D