Monday, February 4, 2008

CINCY GAY SCENE, A challenge

Alright, so I was perusing the Q-City News blog just now (work? what's work? the hospital is quiet tonight...), and I came across a couple of events that I had never heard of, and I would say that I am moderately to highly interested in being involved in my community. And what's interesting to me is... I know the people that run these events, and am on several local listservs and still didn't really know anything about them.

For example:
1) GLSEN at Bean Haus (Feb. 21 6:30p-8p) -- sounds a little like an annual meeting, but still could be fun in Covington's Mainstrasse (at, of all places, Bean Haus at 640 Main Street)

2) Nationwide HIV Update (Feb. 6 from 530-830) -- at STOP AIDS, call 513-421-AIDS

And, in all fairness, I would like to point out the one that passed: Laughing Out Loud, by HRC-Cincinnati, on Jan. 30.

So, how do people who are, like me, somewhat interested in their community get reached? How do you reach people that are not in daily contact with the gay world? When my life was homonormative (everyone I dealt with, at one point, was gay), keeping up was so easy. But now? I am missing events right and left.

How do we change that???

PS ---> Q City News Blog mentioned one of my older posts about bar closings, which is why my readership spiked. In fact, we are both apparently "competing" to post an analysis of the "Last Call" article I posted a few weeks ago. We're both moving REAL quick on that, aren't we?

PPS Check out --> it's run by two fabulous local lesbians (one of my BFFs is Juliet and has shouted out to us a couple of times) and they are trying to get nominated by as Best Lesbian Blog of 2007. I think you should all go to Juliet & Juliette, find out just how fabulous they are, and then nominate them accordingly. Yes? Yes.

PPPS Apparently you aren't allowed to use an ampersand with blogspot?

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