Wednesday, February 6, 2008

ELECTION 2008: New Mexico...

So, um, anyone else caught that the New Mexico primary is still out? Yes, at 2pm this afternoon, with 98% of the precincts counted, there were less than *200* votes separating Barack and Hillary.

Not that it matters, except it will make those nice colorful maps everyone uses more pleasant for Hillary. Because, that close of a race, they will get the exact same number of delegates.

But I'm going to ask the question that should be asked: How much do those maps matter? If you go to ... even though Clinton is AHEAD, it is starting to look like Obama is because he grabbed those nice big western states. Maybe Hillary should be pushing for Montana -- because I'll bet you it's one of those states that candidates overlook. SCF, reporting from Macon, Georgia, and his girlfriend made a good point: Huckabee was the only Republican who really spent time in Georgia. And he won it.

Maybe the Montana's, Wyoming's, and Dakota's are not that much different. How much time DO candidates spin in these "small prize" states that make the map the right color???

OH, and PS, the conservatives are talking about running a third party candidate if McCain is the nominee. I'll say it now: go ahead. Ross Perot did such a good job for the first Clinton (And Nader so good for Gore).

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