Wednesday, February 6, 2008

ELECTION 2008: This could be very good...

Reading the blogs, especially this one on (, I'm thinking that a prolonged nomination process is ultimately going to HELP the democrats. And why?

It is going to set up organizing efforts in stats that no one has ever gone to before, at least not extensively. Which states am I talking about?

1) Virginia -- a Democrat has not won here in a long time, and the fact that 33% of the vote is black could sway this largish state

2) Texas -- ditto -- Clinton's appeal to Latino's and Obama's appeal to blacks could bring this one our direction, and it's HUGE

3) Louisiana -- 46% of the electoral vote in 2004 was black -- coming after Katrina, plus a black nominee, plus an actual ATTEMPT... well, you tell me what could happen

4) Mississippi -- ditto here

5) Ohio -- Clinton says she's making plans in Ohio in the end of February; I'm sure Obama is too... bringing the Democratic party to this area of the world to campaign, and sway the hearts and minds of people (people care about Ohio only in the general election, some early leg work would help)

Those five take us out to mid-March. If it keeps going, well, there's North Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana, Montana, and South Dakota beyond. If they are forced to organize and move in these states, it might actual start swinging those states towards the Democrats. Who cares if it seems like we have a Republican nominee now... guess what? His work isn't going to be half of what it's going to take to win the Democratic nomination, and they are going to have to talk to a LOT of people at this point.

This could be the winning plan for the Dems this year.

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