Tuesday, February 5, 2008

ELECTION 2008: First Result Post -- 1930

We have the first results back, and I'm already wrong - HA! So, we'll see how the rest of the night goes!

Prediction: Obama by >10%
Actual: Exit Polls showing him ahead 64-30

West Virginia
Prediction: I ain't no coal miner's daughter (no prediction)
Actual: Caucus has Huckabee 52-47 over Romney -- 1% McCain -- apparently, when it seemed like Romney would take a plurality over McCain, the McCain supporters threw their support after the first vote behind Huckabee. Interesting -- tit makes sense as the McCain-Romney fight is the real fight, with Huckabee going after a third, but I still thought McCain supporters would prefer Romney's rigid fiscalism to Huckabee's social conservatism.

We are not going to call the Georgia Republican race yet, as there are very few polls in and Huckabee (31%) is still fairly close to McCain (36%) and they've only counted like 2000 votes -- ie, still too close to call.

Next set comes in: 8pm with Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Delaware, Alabama, Missouri, and Oklahoma. We should be able to call Mass, NJ, OK, AL, and IL at that point, but we'll be waiting on the rest.

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