Saturday, February 16, 2008

POP CULTURE: National Support Britney Spears Day

Oh yes, folks. You're reading that picture right there... National Support Britney Spears Day: March 1st, 2008.
The girl has done gone crazy, and the Support Britney Spears Blog has called for the world to show their support for the disgraced, drugged, and ditsy diva. Ignore the fact that we are, at the moment, potentially electing either a black or female president... ignore the fact that the Iran/Lebanon situation is getting out of hand... or that the Iraq War is still going on... or any number of things that are going on in the world. We are going to hold a National Support Britney Spears Day.
This is how I figure it all came down, as it wasn't even news, really, until E! News reported on it; however, the "public support" angle originates from Lynne Spears, her mother, requested that people just pray for her troubled starlet daughter. This, of course, spawned a website: Prayers for Britney. Which, btw, I'm going to say is nothing more than a blog and bad one at that (I never say I was any good at it, I might point out).
I want to meet the people at the Support Britney Spears blog and throw soft, non-harmful things at them... like pillows or pies... to show them the absurdity of their request.
Now, because I believe in absurdity, I will, of course, be celebrating the day (don't laugh -- how many of you also celebrated National Talk Like a Pirate Day -- a fad, I might argue, that started up around the time Pirates of the Carribean came out). This is how the blog recommends I celebrate:
"To show your solidarity,sport your Brit tees and gear, pick up a copy of Blackout, or just blast 'Piece of Me' while driving down the pike!"
I, however, do not own Blackout, and, though I like Piece of Me, I prefer Toxic and Why Don't You Do Something (which I have a video of on DVD). And, btw, I don't have a single Britney "tee" or "gear." So, instead, I'm going to watch bad entertainment television (Channel 25 on Cincinnati's Time Warner Cable), and tune into the POP station of my Sirius Radio. Then I'm going to drink, heavily, maybe take an anti-depressant, freak out in front of small children whilst drinking starbucks (a milkshake -- so I can throw it at a car later), then give head to a guy on a balcony while other people watch, and, to top it all off, I'm going to shave my head. All to the sound of Britney's remake of a Bobby Brown song. Oh, and, naturally, I'll refer to myself in the third person.
Anyone care to join?

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