Tuesday, February 5, 2008

ELECTION 2008: I'm disappointed, btw...

...at our Democratic options.

Shame on both of you for not supporting gay marriage. I feel dirty that you are the two that I get to vote for... that, in 200+ years of our country, the first opportunity we get to vote for someone who ISN'T a white male, that you STILL don't get it when it comes to separate but equal. That you, Obama, a black man, would still hold dear to an outdated philosophy; and you, Clinton, for all the work you and your husband have done pandering to us, would still not step beyond civil unions.

Clinton guest blogged here.

"I want to be your President." Fine, if you want to be my President, then support me, and stop expecting us to send you money.

I expected this out of the Giuliani's and the McCain's of the race... and I expected worse out of the Romey's and the Huckabee's. But, really, do all I have left to vote for are two people who can't even make an acceptable reason to support their gay and lesbian constituency??? Hell, the Democratic Senator of SC (former), Fritz Hollings, even found a way to go against the Defense of Marriage Act -- and it was so simple: "Do you really want the Constitution to mess with marriage?" It was beautiful, and simple. And he never came out for or against the issue. That's all he had to do/say.

I wish I could just vote on gay issues -- after all, Mr. Gravel and Mr. Kucinich would be SO much better for what I want. But I can't... that would be short sighted. I just needed to vent and let you know, Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama, that I'm disappointed.

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