Wednesday, February 6, 2008

ELECTION 2008: Final post of the evening for Super Tuesday

CLINTON GOT CALIFORNIA!!! As did McCain!!!! :-) Regardless of everything, that's the big one. :-)

So the final break downs of things I've not covered:

Alaska -- Obama (unk on GOP)
Missouri -- looks like it's Obama and McCain (Missouri, btw, is a bellweather state, as is Delaware... grrrrr...)

I think everything else has been covered... the rest of them, I was right on. We're still waiting on New Mexico, which may turn out to be the real question of the night. That, and the 2000 vote difference for Obama/Clinton in Missouri.

So the new question: What IS the possibility of a Clinton-Obama ticket? I mean, really. It's beginning to look like an inevitability. AND it would bring the party back together in a nice tight package. Lord knows, we don't want to fight until the convention.


BAC said...

I could get behind it as long as Clinton is on top. It could give Dems control of the White House for the next 16 years.


Barry Floore said...

HA! Clinton is always on top.