Sunday, February 17, 2008

OHIO/CINNKY: Price Hill Girls

I really really like my neighborhood -- East Price Hill -- and I have great hope for it to come back as a nice place in the world. (I mean, really, it has some of the best home architecture in the city, if it can be a little small -- it just needs someone to take care of it.) But one of my coworkers at job #2 sent me and AM to this YouTube bit that I just can't stop laughing at. What's really funny is the guys are from CCU, which I consider a joke anyways.

What's really funny is they then started a website -- -- which reportedly gives a portion of the money they make off MERCHANDISE back to the community. Their website says:

One of the goals we have by selling merchandise is to raise a certain amount of money from each item sold and then give it back to the community. Our plan is to take this raised amount and donate it to a different community outreach in the Price Hill area every month.

I don't know how old the website is, but it's getting some play on the media (here on WKRC-12) and in the local blogosphere (on the Daily Bellwether and at Nasty, Brutish, and Short for example). Apparently people are offended for any variety of reasons that people get offended at parodies. I just think it's funny, and the news can't report stuff like this "because it's there" -- since it involves "singing and dancing and ethnic movement" (quote from Legally Blonde: The Musical), I think people decided to make a controversy over nothing.

Regardless, I have no problems with Price Hill and have actually had more problems in Clifton and Northside, in terms of being approached, being put in bad situation, having my car broken into, than I ever have in Price Hill or the Westside. And I've even been to Lower Price Hill. The Mexican and Appalachian folk were nice down there.

If you want to see what YOU can do for MY community (and, more broadly, Cincinnati as a whole), go to our award-winning and highly active civic organization:

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