Friday, October 24, 2008

ELECTION 2008: Driehaus Event

I was twittering the event last night. Driehaus's gang had a debate watch party at Sully's last night with a meet-up with the man afterwards.

Some pictures (I really suck at resizing...)...

Sully's is actually a nice bar, if woefully understaffed.

The crowd watching the debate -- all in all, there were probably 40 or 50 people there at the height, though only 20-25 watching the debate. It got crowded around 820 when Driehaus showed up, and me and Jackie headed onto the porch to drink beer and smoke until almost midnight. So, yea...

This is the only picture of the shirt you see at the bottom right that came out. That's right, the HRC is working for Driehaus. How does that make you feel, Jere?

The rush to see Driehaus once he came in.

Driehaus handing out some door prizes after he arrived.

This man is wearing (and selling) flashing Obama T-shirts.

On the walk home... and look, it's a real website.

Let's talk real quick about Mr. Driehaus, especially after Mr. JereKeys raised some concerns over on his blog. You're right, JereKeys, the more I learn about Mr. Driehaus, the more I realize he is not in it all for us. In fact, another reader points out that not only did he vote for Ohio's DOMA, he is not co-sponsoring the Equal Housing and Employment Act in the statehouse. However, he did, in fact, co-sign a strongly worded letter to a colleague about inappropriate anti-gay language. And he has been in gay pride events.

Small concessions.

You're right, though. He is pro-life, which is a stance that is abhorrent to me. He is against the amnesty of immigrants, which is an issue that just doesn't move me. He supports an official language an the US, which is absurd in and of itself. And he is fiscally conservative, which I really like (believe it or not). However, the other option is Chabot, whom, I believe, is certifiable. I also have a small personal experience with the man which left me wanting for... well, more and something better.

Is Driehaus the best option for gay people or for liberals? No. However, Ohio is a moderate state, and Cincinnati tends to be more conservative. In the end, it is most important that an elected person do two things: 1) represent the beliefs and values of those they represent, and 2) act in accordance with what would be good for everyone they represent.

As much as I'd like to believe otherwise, I am way to the left of the average person Driehaus will be representing. Is he the ideal candidate? No, but I would be shocked if we ever ran a Cincinnati candidate that came within the penumbra of "ideal" for me. He is an excellent compromise between what I think is standard in the city of Cincinnati and the first district and what I believe is right.

I always have to hold my nose when I vote. But I'm also from South Carolina, and the first gubernatorial election I voted in I got to choose between a state senator who was against gays, pro-life, and evangelical, and the incumbent governor who was against gays, pro-life, and not quite as evangelical. Oh, decisions, decisions.

The blue-dogs worry me. Very much. But, I think we're on the right side and our vote won't be completely wasted.

After all, George W. Bush led the biggest right-wing revolution in the nation and now people are tired of it. The pendulum is swinging back. And I think the blue dogs will "loosen up" the longer they are in office, in accordance with the general population's feelings that "all the politics of person aren't our business, anyways."

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Jere Keys said...

Like I said in the blog, I'm voting for him, but I'm not happy about it. Also, it was a notice from the HRC that got me thinking about the post on Driehaus in the first place - which is why I use their favored language "fair-minded" instead of my preferred term "queer-friendly" when referring to him. I think the difference in those two labels speaks volumes.