Thursday, October 16, 2008

ELECTION 2008: Nailing Palin, redux

Appeasing the masses and the 70% of my traffic that comes from searching for the porn movie "nailing palin," I thought it might be nice to do a follow up to this post about the upcoming Hustler flick...

Twolesbosgoinatit (NSFW) have screen shots of the script (and the link to the script ... it's written by Roger Krypton)

And here's my favorite page ever...

And my second favorite page, featuring Todd Palin:

A) I'm shocked that there's a script. Porn movies have scripts???
B) Don't worry, there are some excellent monologues and soliloquy's in the movie... just to show off the actress's extensive.. ahem.. talents.

LOL. I love this election season.

That's -- filled with klassiness.

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