Friday, October 31, 2008

HEALTH: In which a pharmacy tech knows too much about me...

Went to the pharmacy the other day to fill my prescription for Aldara Cream -- I have perennial toe warts (I know, gross, but the story is funny) and the stuff works better than anything else I've tried. Anyways, so the pharmacist pulls up my records and there are two other things on my file: Cipro and Flagyll.

If you know anything about antibiotics... these are two common STD medications. No, really. I had them, however, for a situation earlier in the year involving a process that nursing school delicately refers to as "elimination" or "hyperactive parastalsis," and then the brain-consuming tooth abcess I had in early summer.

Here I am, in Walgreen's in Clifton, asking for wart cream after recently having prescriptions to two STD medications. The (obviously gay) pharmacy tech takes the information, looks at me, places one hand on mine and says very gently:
Is everything ok, Mr. Floore?

Needless to say, I moved all my prescriptions to CVS and will be dividing up my prescription needs in the future in case I should ever show and need something for a more... ahem.. personal reason in the future.


The Seeker said...

Well damn, I woulda been impressed! At least he cares!

Anonymous said...

Actually, he was doing his job, and should be aware of all meds you take. Some meds dont mix with others, and your doctor(s) are not always going to know which meds you are on and what omes dont mix well.

Go back to Walgreens and tell him thanks for doing a great job, he could save your life one day

Barry Floore said...

Duh. But why is everyone so serious about this?

It's a funny story. :-)