Sunday, October 26, 2008

ELECTION 2008: Enquirer Endorses McCain

I was afraid this would happen; from the Cincinnati Enquirer (via their website):

We are divided over our involvement in wars overseas, shaken by the collapse of financial institutions and the weakened economy, uncertain about our families' future well-being, and seemingly more polarized on partisan, cultural and regional lines than ever.

This is a time for a president with deep experience and proven character, a president who thrives in the great, good, honest middle ground in which most Americans live, a president forthright enough to tell us what we'd rather not hear, a president with the courage to follow his convictions and the grit to persevere.

This is Sen. John McCain's time.

We endorse the Arizona Republican for president...

Unlike Obama, McCain isn't a smooth, effective campaigner. (emphasis mine) But his record of leadership suggests he will be a far better president than candidate...

While the campaign has focused mainly on the issues, it has brought Americans some ugly rhetoric from the extremes on both sides. Both candidates have ably risen above it. McCain has consistently rebuked those who would insinuate racial prejudice into the equation. Yet the nation remains sharply divided country on partisan, ideological, cultural and racial lines. We urge the winning candidate to invite the loser to help him advance the nation's agenda.

America needs an experienced, skilled hand in the White House, someone who can exercise a moderating influence, someone who can summon the courage to change and the consistency to stick with his convictions. That someone, we believe, is John McCain.

Is anyone surprised? The Gannett Corporation is not known for "going out there" for "liberal," let alone a Democrat.

No word yet from my hometown's Post & Courier.

To follow newspaper endorsements, check out (their latest list here, which has 132-48 in Obama's favor, and will soon include an Obama endorsement from... Anchorage, Alaska)


Cincinnati NAMjA said...

I think this is just an editorial, but I fear that they will endorse him anyway.

Unknown said...

Au contraire, not when the article says "We endorse the Arizona Republican for president."

This is the endorsement :-)