Thursday, October 16, 2008

LGBT HISTORY: History Quizzes!!!

Searching google for gay history quizzes -- you know me, I love to prove to the world how smart I am -- I stumbled on one of the more unexpected websites and quizzes ever.

BET has a Black & Proud page dealing specifically with LGBT persons of color. (The quiz is really easy -- I got a 100.)

And actually, the coverage is not that bad, and actually has a whole section on black actors who took on gay roles and did not suffer because of it. On the list: Forest Whitaker, Will Smith, Wesley Snipes, Queen Latifah (who is also on all of our list of "needs to come out of the closet and get over herself"), Isaiah Washington, Ving Rhames, and Taye Diggs.

Mmmm... Taye Diggs.

Why is it unexpected? I don't know. I guess, well, I guess that's something wrong with me and my perception of black America, isn't it?

This one (just HTML) is from Out for Equity... I am "Fine!" (No, really, that's the rating)

And, of course, one from PlanetOut. I got a 60 :-(.

And lots of ones from Avert regarding sex, HIV, and all that jazz!!! (Thanks to the hottest gay blogger in the world -- MileHighGayGuy -- isn't that the guy from all the HIV med advertisements???)

And six great ones over at FunTrivia!!!

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