Wednesday, October 15, 2008

ELECTION 2008: Live Tweets from this evening's debate...

Both CNN and CBS are calling it for Obama by almost a 2-1 margin. From my live-tweeting, which I think every blogger in the city decided to do, I was totally going to post the whole thing but that got boring to fix and I don't think anyone will read it. So, best of me:
Who the fuck is Joe the plumber? New friend of bob the builder and dora the explorer?

Free traitor? Oh. . . TRADER. Homophones are funny.

Car makers getting hammered? I wanna join! -poor detroit, always getting pooed on-

Bad teachers need to find another line of work??? Bad politicians need to find another line of work...

McCain: rude, sly, snarky, but informed. Too much Joe. Obama: cool, collected, but not as well prepared. Obama win, but McCain did OK

TEXT FROM FRIEND: mccain is a mess no country for old men.

NPR: Clearly, the star of the debate was Joe the Plumber.

And from others, starting with kate_the_great of Kate's Random Musings:
McCain: And we throw bad teachers down a well and toss them rancid ham bones every once in a while...

So, tonight Reformer means Maverick, right? Do I have to drink for that?

This rule sheet is crazy! I keep scanning for words. Too bad Joe the Plumber isn't on there...

From winemedineme of Wine Me, Dine Me, Cincinnati:
"Role model". Six colleges, one beauty queen title, shoots wolves and can see Russia. Um, no.

Joe the Plumber. Sounds like a character in Hustler's Who's Nailin' Paylin

From new friend redkatblonde of redkatblonde:
Nice...I tune in late and it's Mr. Potatohead interupting Obama's answer on college ed.
It was a fabulous night on Twitter!!!! Here's to the election night, blogger meet up!

Oh, and from Kate's tweet, this is the most fabulous news story ever: apparently some people are getting bent out of shape about the "Obama flag" flying behind Obama and next to the US flag in this picture:

Yea, kids, that's the Ohio state flag.

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Michi said...

I want me one o dem OBAMA flags.