Friday, October 3, 2008

ELECTION 2008: In which I break my boycott on Sarah Palin

This is how I view Sarah Palin. But the fur of her coat is made of the furs of the wolves she shot dead from the sky. "Take that Darwin and natural selection. I am man, I take you out from the sky! God didn't give me talons -- he gave me guns (and a helicopter)!!!! Try to top me on the food scale!!!"

I feel like I must say it: Muhaha.

Two things:
1) Is it so much to ask that we expect more out of our Republican candidates than just, "They can communicate in English."

2) We elected a president for 8 years based on his folksiness. See where that got us.

So there.


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Cincinnati NAMjA said...

Good points! I can't see another good ol' boi )or in this case, a good ol' girl) getting into the White House.