Saturday, October 4, 2008

LGBT HISTORY: Worthless Trivia and GOHI!

Apparently it's not international GLBT History month, it's only national GLBT History Month. See, Britain celebrates it in February. Which is Black History Month here in this country. Inconvenient. Seeing as how October is Black History Month in UK.

I really wish the British and the American minorities would get their history months together.  

Um. This should be filed under, "Barry should most definitely not attempt to blog when avoiding homework, watching movies, and drinking." 

Oh, and if you are in Columbus, make sure you go out tonight to support GOHI's fundraiser on OSU's campus! GOHI is the Gay Ohio Historical Initiative, which is trying to archive Ohio's Gay History. 

Their event tonight is The History of Drag: Remembering the Berwick Ball. I have no idea what the Berwick Ball is. GOHI-- can you fill me in???

It's a great organization, and I've run into them briefly at Dayton's Gay Pride.

Though they never added me to their listserv :-).

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