Saturday, October 4, 2008

LGBT HISTORY: Gay History Quizzes occasionally has impressive content. Like this month, they have gay history quizzes that you can take!!! 
General Knowledge Quiz -- Barry's Score: 8/10
Pride Quiz -- Barry's Score: 5/10 (yea, I blew it)
LGBT African Americans -- Barry's Score: 3/10 (ouch, I'm sorry for my ignorance)
Gay quotes -- Barry's Score: 3/10 (god, I suck)
Advanced Quiz -- Barry's Score: 3/10
Wow, I suck... a LOT. I started strong and got worse and worse... thank god I didn't get to the 1/10 for the final one. 

What were your scores???

2 comments: said...

Why do I fail at every quiz lol!

Great blog!

Dave, WGB

Barry Floore said...

We're failures, darling. :-) I only got 22 out of 50 if you look at the run down. Less than a 50%.