Wednesday, October 15, 2008

ELECTION 2008: Final Debate Tonight

I'll be listening in again on Cincinnati's local WVXU!!!! I'll try to live tweet via text, as I'll be traveling to work. Tune in kids.

But, Huffington Post reports that Colin Powell will endorse Obama in the next day or so.

And two quick notes about John McCain's recent attempts at strategy:
1) Informing Obama that you would bring up Ayers was silly. See, Obama's a really good speaker and I'll give good money to bet he's got an astounding answer ready.

2) Bringing up ACORN will be silly. You know why? Because no one knows what the ACORN scandal was all about. I don't, and I'm a political junkie. Hell, I barely get the Ayers scandal and I've read the websites. I do, however, get the Keating thing, Mr. McCain...
On a personal note, I was once offered a job by ACORN in Cincinnati. When I turned it down, the guy on the phone yelled at me and told me that I had wasted his time throughout the whole interview process.

Funny, that.

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