Friday, October 24, 2008

LGBT HISTORY: Timeline and LGBT Health

Leave it to Wikipedia to have the most extensive and most up-to-date timeline of LGBT History...

Interesting tidbit, though the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association was founded in 1981, it was not until 2005 that the American Medical Association spoke specifically to their annual conference. Here are Dr. Edward Hill's remarks:
"I know that GLMA members and LGBT physicians have been treated unfairly by the AMA in the past. There is simply no excuse for discriminatory actions or exclusions based on sexual orientation or gender identity -- none." He continued, "First, GLMA has opened [the AMA's] eyes to the diverse needs of LGBT patients, and second -- and just as important -- GLMA has told patients that they have the right to expect a health care system filled with openness, fairness and equality."
Just a little tidbit for today. I'm working on my school's Diversity Week, which happens in November, so I'm trying to find information about culture, religion, sexuality and healthcare. This was one of the first tidbits I had found.

And, I'll post on this later, but make sure you join up the discussion on reforming the American Psychological Association's position on Gender Identity Disorder and Travestic Fetishism for the revised DSM.

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