Sunday, August 3, 2008

BLOGGING: Two new additions

Two new additions to the blogroll!!!!

1) Musings on Asexy Theme -- Talking about this man's experiences as an identified asexual. A bit from his postings:
The problem is that most people don’t our meaning of asexual. If I tell them, “I’m asexual,” they probably won’t understand me. What’s worse, they could easily misunderstand. The word simultaneously has two possible etymologies. The first, and most obvious, it is the opposite of ‘sexual.’ Asexuals are people who are not sexual. The other is in opposition to hetero/homo/bisexual. If ‘heterosexuals’ are sexually attracted to the ‘other’ sex/gender, homosexuals to the ‘same’ sex/gender, and bisexuals to ‘both’ males and females, ‘asexual’ seems to be the most logical term to refer to those sexually attracted to neither. I think of ‘asexual’ in terms of the latter of these. Unfortunately, when most people hear it, they think of the former and whatever that might mean to them. It can leave people with a lot of wrong impressions. I don’t want to tell people that I’m asexual if my expectation is that they will misunderstand what I’m saying. I want to speak such that I will be understood, not misunderstood.
He's added to the Queer blogs because I think asexual is definitely within the definition of queer.

(We've talked about asexuality before, just briefly though. And there's a study from 2004 that finds that as much as 1% of the population experiences no sexual desire and may be labelled asexual, at least behaviorally.)

2) Cranial Hyperossification -- Was not going to until I say this post:
How much of "Bob is an ass," is mitigated by "Bob is only 6 years old?"

At what value of N does "Bob is only N years old," stop being a legitimate excuse for poor behavior?
Oh goodness...

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