Wednesday, August 13, 2008

GENERAL STUFF: Olympics!!!!!

The Olympics are up and running -- YEA!!! :-) Well, sort of. I'm just not as excited as I usually am about this kind of stuff, although I've gotten to watch some fun "off" games while being awake in the middle of the day.

For example, I got to watch the Americans sweep the women's fencing medals. I also got to see a little Equestrian, VERY little Gymnastics, Handball, Water Polo, and Weightlifting (including an attempt by Zhang Xiangxiang to break the world record -- though he failed). I also watched the South Korean team beat Italy in archery... it must suck for Italy to have broken a world record for scores (224, Italy's score was 225), and still come in second (South Korea got 227).

Congratulations to Michale Phelps -- blah blah blah. I'll say it: he's got a rocking body, and I would surely not turn him away in bed, but he's just not that cute. And those long pants Speedos? BLEH!!!! I can't see anything, though his cute little Olympic tattoo is endearing. For those who have lived under a ROCK... Michael Phelps has become the most winningest Olympian ever with 11 gold medals in his life time.

And I'm posting some swimmer's pictures below so that maybe all the people searching for "Speedo's" and finding my page will have an updated post to check out.

AT THE TIME OF WRITING THIS (346pm), China is ahead in gold medals, while the US is ahead in overal medal count, though our lead is waning. Here's how it looks (Country-Gold Medals-Total Medals):

China - 17 - 27

US - 10 - 29

South Korea - 6 - 13

Italy - 4 - 11

Australia - 4- 12

Germany - 6 - 9

Japan - 4 - 9

Russia - 2 - 12

Great Britain - 2 - 7

Czech Republic - 2 - 2

Georgia - 2 - 3

I would be curious to know what was the highest winning percentage based on team size that came to the whole shebang. China fielded over 600 athletes, while the US fielded just under 600. Germany? Something like 300. Czech Republic? Less that 100. Is it more notable then for, say, Azerbaijan who fielded 39 candidates but have already won 3 medals than for the larger, more losing teams like the USA or China?

Blah. I'll figure it out later.

Oh, and the team from Georgia is pressing to leave so that they can go fight with their countrymen. Interesting.

Quick fun note: Georgia was actually not on this list when I wrote this at 6:50am... they won today!!! GOOD FOR THEM!!! HELL YEA UNDERDOGS!

Oh, and I do have a confession from my text message, to KH:

I think, watching the Olympics, I'm secretly racist against Asians.

I can't seem to want to root for them... :-(

So! hot pictures of Olympians!!!!!!!!!!!! (And this will count as "Wearing WHAT Wednesday" for this week!)

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