Monday, August 18, 2008

OHIO/CINNKY: Paying it forward...

I saw the most amazing act of kindness today. I was sitting waiting for a bus today and this homeless guy walks up, grabs a pop out of the trash can and starts to drinking it. The lady sitting next to me made a face, reaches into her purse, and hands the man two dollars.

"Buy yourself something clean to drink."

I just smiled and smiled and wanted to hug her.

She looked at me and said, "It was just gross, I wasn't going to watch that shit." And then she scoffed.

That's ok -- her bitchiness can't cover up her kindness!!! Thanks lady!!!!

(One of the nurses at work whom I related the story to came back and said: "Let's hope he doesn't buy a 40 with it." You know, let's not be so jaded and bitchy about it... at least he won't have gotten that 40 out of a trash can!!!!)



Kate The Great said...

Hello, Darling ;)

Kindness is infectious - and sometimes its the smallest gestures that mean the most.

Love this post.

When are we drinking our own 40s (or martinis)?

WestEnder said...

I once bought a sandwich for a guy on the street and when I handed it to him he asked if I could get a drink, too.