Friday, August 15, 2008

MIAMI UNIVERSITY: Green Beer Day '08

Does anyone besides me randomly google their name to find out what's being written about them? LOL -- Well, I do, and I found something new...

Colorful alcohol was the drink of choice as hundreds of students celebrated Green Beer Day in Oxford March 13.

Students, alumni and community members turned out in droves for an early dose of St. Patrick's Day revelry, four days before the actual holiday.

Extras Kurt Hummel and Barry Floore, Miami University alumni, returned to Oxford to take part in the popular celebration.

"I came here directly after working third shift in Cincinnati," Floore said. "My plan is to enjoy the morning here and be back home early enough to get some sleep before work."
I forgot being interviewed by the Oxford Journal News that day... So, just to check up, my name pops up three primary things: Boy Scouts, sex, and alcohol. Sounds about right.

Just an FYI this is what my friend and I (that's KH that I sometimes refer to) looked like that AM at 6:45am... drinking green beer...

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Anonymous said...

HAHAHA that makes you sound like such a fuckin' AL-CO-HOL-IC!!!