Tuesday, August 12, 2008

BLOGGING: Weekly update over at Rainbow Cincinnati!

I've decided to start following all THREE columnists over at gaycincinnati.com -- mainly because I'm friends with both of the other two and I think they are bother fabulous. So here is a preview of all of our latest postings:

Darren (formerly the columnist from the now defunct QCityNews):

There are two great loves in my life. Sports and Movies. I can always depend on them. They're always there for me, providing comfort, amusement and occasionally enlightenment. I've gotten far more bang for my buck from sports and movies than from any romantic relationship I've ever had (which says everything about me rather than the genuinely good men I've dated). For better or for worse I'd rather spend my nights either at home watching ESPN...or at the cineplex watching anything (well...almost anything; you still couldn't drag me to a movie starring Adam Sandler or Steven Seagal). But give me a cherry ICEE, a box of Milk Duds and a decent flick...and I'm in paradise. (full posting here)
Elizabeth (newest columnist, AKA Juliet from Juliet and Juliette)

Let's get right to it, shall we?

How many orgasims is too many? Wow, I almost said that without laughing. Of course you can never have too many orgasms! There are so many benefits to having orgasms, besides the fact that they feel good and its fun getting there!

Here are some of the benefits: (
full posting here)
ME!!!!!! (um, you should know me by now bitches)

My car died over three months ago. Lacking any sort of financial plan, I was forced to take to the busses.

I became a Metro rider.

At the time -- to give you a clue of how much has changed in the last three months -- gas was expensive when it was over $3. Though the price was still high, it was still within the upper limits of my budget.

Thank god for the Metro. (
full posting here)
And don't forget to click on the image below to follow all the excellent content over at Rainbow Cincinnati!!!!!

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