Sunday, August 24, 2008

OHIO/CINNKY: Dying cities...

Thanks to 'Nati Life for pointing this out a few weeks ago, but I'm just now getting it it.

From, America's Fastest Dying Cities:
The turmoil of the mortgage market granted a temporary reprieve from
hearing about the woes of America's Rust Belt. That doesn't mean things are
better. Despite a decade of national prosperity, the former manufacturing
backbone of the U.S. is in rougher shape than ever, still searching for some way
to replace its long-stilled smokestacks.

Where's it worst? Ohio, according to our analysis, which racked up four
of the 10 cities on our list: Youngstown, Canton, Dayton and Cleveland. The
runner-up is Michigan, with two cities--Detroit and Flint--making the

Click here to check it out in pictures, and here for the story. Scranton, PA; Charleston, WV; and Springfield, Mass all made the list.

Cincinnati did not make the list, but I imagine -- with so many Ohio cities on the list -- that it was just off the list.

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