Friday, August 29, 2008

ELECTION 2008: Follow up to Sarah Palin.

Yea, so the reaction is... mixed. Which is distinct from the Biden announcement because no one could say anything bad. Let's jump into the reactions:

Blind Prophecy...
While I admire some of the anti-oil corruption work she’s one since getting elected in Alaska, she couldn’t be further away from me on important social issues without changing her last name to Huckabee.

I really hope Hillary stands frim on her pledge to do everything she can to get Obama elected, because McCain’s choice of Palin couldn’t be more transparent in his desire to steal Hillary supporters away from Obama.

Twitter meme -- Little Known Facts About Sarah Palin... (thanks Kate!!!!) my fav:
Little Known Fact: Sarah Palin is a little known fact.
Coldhearted Truth...

Why it was good:

First and foremost... I don't think this was either the best or worst pick he could have made. I know I would have preferred Pawlenty and possibly even Kay Hutchinson. But I know I would have been terribly disappointed with Mitt Romney or Tom Ridge. I considered Palin in that same area as Joe Lieberman... somewhat of a mixed bag.

Why it was bad:

His very first important decision and it is... GHASTLY

I am extremely disapointed.

I hope she has no skeletons in her closet and was vetted properly.

Bilerico (lots of great research):

Indeed, that's probably reason #1 here. But it's pretty dumb, considering that Hillary Clinton's success didn't derive just from the fact that she was a woman, but that she was a strong, intelligent, experienced woman who fought for women's rights and health care for decades. Palin's not. It's a pretty cynical move, but, then again, McCain actually thinks he has a chance among Democratic Hillary supporters.

Personally, I'm guessing this will only highlight McCain's anti-choice record, and the anti-choicers agree.

Election Junkie...
My initial thought was that it would hurt McCain's experience argument, but from a better prospective, McCain's experience didn't go away. As far as executive experience, Palin is in better shape than Obama. So how could Obama even think about trying to raise that argument. He has had one year in the senate, and two years of campaigning.
This soft gay love could complicate matters with staunch social conservatives, but that voting bloc will no doubt appreciate her strident pro-life and gun rights stance. If Palin and McCain can make the benefits issue look like an issue of Democratic ideals, then that could stop any reactionary outrage. Only time will tell how that will play out.

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