Thursday, August 7, 2008

WRITING: Bucket List

My mother and my blog -- Mom and Son Writing -- was quiet this week, but it's my fault because I sent her a piece in response to the latest challenge (BUCKET LIST) that, apparently, was very disturbing...

This is a little preview, very much in its first draft form:

As I lay in my bed, my heart racing from the seemingly unending list of drugs I had taken the night before, and my brain racing from the memories of
manic sexcapades, I clutched the piece of paper and pen my roommate had given tome.

"Write," she said. "Write it out."

I squeezed the soft pen, ran my thumb up and down the body of it. It was too small to be used for anything but writing.

I turned onto my side and looked at the blank page. One of my best pieces of writing, I felt, went something like this:

A blank page

I can be a bit of a drama queen in my writing.
And I decided that I may want to publish it, in the meantime.

Since she was disturbed, and I was confused as to why she was disturbed (the piece becomes graphic, I suppose), we kind of took a little break.

However, I finished the assignment and will be posting mine tonight, in case anyone reads :-). It will be up by the morning.

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TopherMaconga said...

you seem to be making light of recent situations that others are taking seriously.